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The Australian Government initiative, Strongim Bisnis, through a partnership with C-Corp Limited has been trialling a new drying technology in Solomon Islands. This project also aimed to improve the access to market for cocoa wet bean sellers. This support included efforts to improve the quality and quantity of cocoa produced by farmers, and increase farmers’ supply to the export market.

The Solomon Islands Tourism Infrastructure Development Fund (SITIDF) is providing emergency funds to approved tourism operators. These emergency funds will help to reduce the severity of COVID-19’s economic impact on tourism operators and ensure that Solomon Islands is well placed to welcome international visitors immediately once borders reopen.

The Australian Government initiative, Strongim Bisnis, through its partnership with Cathliro Commodity Development Limited, has supported training for 84 cocoa farmers. This training aims to help farmers improve the quality of their cocoa and increase their income from cocoa.

Strongim Bisnis is an Australian Government Initiative

Strongim Bisnis is implemented by Adam Smith International


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