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Bringing Online Shopping To Solomon Islands With Kosi

April 30, 2021

The Australian Government initiative, Strongim Bisnis, is helping to bring online shopping to Solomon Islanders through its partnership with the Solomon Islands company, Kokonut Solomon Islands (KOSI).

KOSI—also known as Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands (KPSI)—launched its new e-commerce website, www.kosi.com.sb last Friday 30 April 2021. The website allows customers to view KOSI’s products, select the products they wish to buy, and pay for the products using direct bank transfer or cash on delivery. The selected products are then delivered to the customer’s address within Honiara.

Showcasing some of the products that will be available for purchase online.

The KOSI products which can be purchased online include KPSI’s well-known body oils, soaps, body scrubs, lip balms and Virgin Coconut Oil.

At the website’s launch, KOSI Director Bob Pollard, said “KOSI is one of only a few businesses in Solomon Islands which offers Solomon Islanders the convenience of shopping from home via their smartphone or computer. We are a Solomon Islands company that supports rural coconut farmers, and while we appreciate the great support we get from the many retail outlets that sell our products, we encourage everyone to try this new way to ‘buy lokol’”.

People sampling KOSI's coconut products.

Strongim Bisnis helped KOSI develop its e-commerce website and launch it at a public event in Honiara. At the launch, Australian High Commission First Secretary for Economic Growth, Louisa Macdonald Hall, said “The Australian Government remains proud of its partnership with the Solomon Islands Government to deliver faster, cheaper and more reliable communications infrastructure in Solomon Islands via the Coral Sea Cable System. In line with this achievement, we are now proud to support Solomon Islands businesses take advantage of improved internet services and offer Solomon Islanders opportunities to shop online for local products”.

Australian High Commission First Secretary for Economic Growth, Louisa Macdonald Hall, speaking at the launch.

Also speaking at the event, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Director for Extension, Andrew Melanolu, said “with copra prices lower than we’ve seen in past years, it is important for the coconut sector to diversify. Part of diversification is making and selling value-added coconut products, which include body oils, soaps and Virgin Coconut Oil. These products can help increase demand for coconuts, which helps our coconut farmers in rural areas”.

The KOSI team, with the Australian High Commission and Strongim Bisnis.



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